Company Profile

Honfield (China) Limited is an OEM plastics production factory, providing professional 'one -stop-shop' from product design engineering, raw materials treatment, injection, assembly services, quality control and finishing. Our company has more than 30 years high precision plastics injection and assembly experiences. Our products include recording media, pricing displays, consumer electronics, and medical devices.




Over the past decades, innovation and automation has been, and continues driving our business. Our business is built upon our teamwork and approach to sustainability. We have the unique ability to create flexible, end-to-end strategies for clients around the world. From a supermarket pricing display to a medical infusion pump, we provide a complete range of products that meets the needs and expectations of clients on a truly global scale. We offer in-depth and innovative expertise in designing and developing through production and control to final delivery. Our manufacturing knowledge and supply chain network creates long-term collaborative solutions for our clients.


  Contact: Mr. Carter Xing (Director of Product Management)
  Tel: +852 2425 1526 / +86 769 8718 9103