Quality Assurance

By utilizing advanced and comprehensive quality assurance and testing guidelines, Honfield is able to closely monitor our production processes and provide top-quality parts, while ensuring compliance and facilitating a faster time-to-market turnaround. We keep current quality standard with the latest trends in the industry and maintain updated certifications to ensure the highest quality services for our clients.



  • AQL/ISO/ASTM/FDA QSR 820 QC Standard
  • SPC/FMEA/PPAP Management
  • Japan / EU Imported testing equipment

     CMM / Projector / MFI Meter / Force Meter / Particle Counter / Weather Accelerator

     Salt & Water Test Chamber / Temperature & Humidity Tester / Pulling Force Tester

     Impact Tester / Rockwell Hardness Tester / Vibration Simulation Tester 

     RCA Abrasion Wear Tester / Color Meter / Gloss Meter / Moisture Tester


  Contact: Mr. Carter Xing (Director of Product Management)
  Tel: +852 2425 1526 / +86 769 8718 9103

  Email: contact@honfield.com
  Website: www.honfield.com